Tube heat exchangers

Tube heat exchangers account for 85% of the new heat exchangers supplied to oil refineries, chemical companies, petrochemical companies and energy companies. This is because this type of heat exchanger can be used for almost any application with a very wide range of temperatures, pressures and materials. In addition, the design methods and mechanical codes have been established on the basis of many years of experience. The VDL Klima tube heat exchangers can be used in almost all systems. We also supply tube heat exchangers for the food industry (e.g. for cleaning installations), for factories and offices (for hot water supply (tap water), central heating systems) and for the process industry (e.g. for coupling heat and power, process heating or process cooling and heat recovery).

A tube heat exchanger consists of a jacket with an inner bundle. This heat exchanger is used to exchange heat and cold between liquids and gases. To transfer heat between the two liquids, one medium flows through the jacket and the other medium through the tubes.