Heat exchangers for Spiral freezers

We supply heat exchangers that are specifically designed as evaporators for industrial spiral freezers with high cooling capacities. In these heat exchangers (approx. 100 to 1,000 kW each), the refrigerant extracts the heat from the air to be cooled. The highest possible heat transfer helps to preserve the quality of the product to be frozen and also saves energy. This is, thanks to more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in heat transfer, in good hands with VDL Klima. Besides preservation of the product quality during freezing, food safety also plays a key role. After all, the air flowing through our heat exchangers comes into direct contact with the unpacked foodstuffs. That is why we focus strongly on a distinctive hygienic design and optimal cleanability. Besides good design, craftsmanship and quality, our customers also praise us for our pragmatic and close cooperation.

Compact construction is one of the most important properties of spiral freezers; end users benefit from maximized freezing capacity per square metre of production floor. In addition to space savings, other aspects such as sequential defrosting, constant quality of the frozen product and maximum reliability and availability of the freezer are important issues that are also influenced by a correct configuration and design of the evaporators. That is why we work closely together with you to determine the optimal solution and your heat exchangers will be custom designed to meet exactly your specific requirements.

Our specialists are happy to advise you regarding your specific project or application.