Production machines for semiconductors or Integrated Circuits (ICs)

ICs are used in almost all smart products, business and private. They can be found, for example, in laptops, telephones and other means of communication, smart cards, sensors and monitoring devices, control systems for cars, etc.

The means of production for ICs are very advanced, to manufacture those ICs with increasingly smaller circuits (nanometer dimensions) for greater computing power and lower energy consumption.

Extreme accuracy and ultra-cleanliness (no dust particles and other molecular contamination) are a must.

The manufacturers (OEMs) of this IC production equipment are committed to innovation in order to always push the boundaries, requiring a great deal of knowledge (people) and resources.

By working together with VDL Klima, many OEMs have been able to focus on their core technology and outsource the remaining innovation to the partner, VDL Klima.