Agriculture and industry


The VDL Klima Axial Ventilator has been a Dutch quality product for 60 years now and has been manufactured in Eindhoven since its origin. The VDL Klima ventilator has a wide range of applications. In agriculture, they contribute to an optimal cooling and drying process for potatoes, onions and flower bulbs, among other things. The use of Klima ventilators in storage areas creates an optimal climate for your harvest.

The motors are available in many different designs and sealing classes, depending on the area of application. The VDL Klima axial impeller is made of cast aluminium and consists of a core with a number of blades attached to it. The shape of the blades has been developed in such a way that optimum efficiency is obtained. This multi-part impeller offers the possibility to mount the blades at the most favourable angle, so that the engine power is used to the full 100%. Thanks to this property, a large capacity area can be covered with one type of ventilator.

The ventilator housing of a nozzle axial ventilator is made of sheet steel with a forced inflow edge and is then hot dip-galvanized or sprayed. Depending on the area of application, different ventilation housing constructions can be chosen.